Benefits of Wearing a Custom Unit

  • Less tension on your natural hair
  • Customized to fit your head 
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Can be sewn on for a secure fit 
  • Can be clipped on for easy, daily removal so that you have access to your natural hair underneath

Custum Unit Service Process

  1. Email or Call to schedule a consultation to be measured for your unit or we can send you the info to take the measurements yourself
  2. Select the type of unit you want: Upart, Closure, or Frontal
  3. Decide on the hair to be used for the unit. You can paurchase BFVH or provide your own.
  4. Pay the service deposit (service begins once the deposit is paid)
  5. Wait to recieve your custom unit within 7-10 business days


Unit Installment (shampoo, braid down, unit attachment, and styling): $70 

U-Part Unit: $180 

Closure Unit: $190 

Frontal Unit: $200

Things to Make a Note Of

  • Hair is not included in the unit price.
  • Units with 22” and longer usually need more than 3 bundles.
  • Prices include bleached knots and tweezed parts/hairlines
  • Attachment of unit is not included in these prices.
  • Units take 7- 10 business days to make, but usually are finished before that time span.